MasterClass: Teaching for Life

Teaching Music with More Confidence and Ease


Become empowered to create a career where you grow and flourish!

This course is for you if:

  • “Burn out” is a very real, very frightening prospect for your career.

  • The stress and demands from your job impact the quality of your health and sleep on a regular basis.

  • You are regretting your career choice because the workload is unsustainable.

  • Kindergarten or Fifth Grade is the stuff of your nightmares.

  • You doubt whether you can continue to meet the overwhelm of your job over the long haul (until retirement).

  • “Assessment” seems like it’s impossible in a subject that only meets once a week (or less).

  • You’ve been asked to lead an after-school ensemble (choir) and you’re an instrumentalist.


Connect with your students through their music-making, not just their behavior.

Get support for these challenges in your music classroom:

  • “I’m being asked to teach students who have needs that I am not trained to meet.”

  • “I wish that my colleagues (and students’ parents!) realized that I am a highly trained specialist.”

  • “Every year I lose my voice. Every year the laryngitis lasts longer. What can I do?”

  • “My self-care regimen never seems like ENOUGH. I can never seem to catch up.”

  • “I’m the only music teacher at my school. I feel so alone.”

In MasterClass you will learn how to:

  • Protect your career from burnout by increasing your Self-Care so that it energizes you, saves your voice, and supports your work as a music educator.

  • Implement new strategies that make Kindergarten music joyful and Fifth Grade music engaging for you and for your students.

  • Set boundaries based on your own personal values and your goals for your Music Room so that you can say “no” to requests that exhaust you.

  • Establish a classroom management practice that addresses the unique setting of the Music Room.

  • Implement “assessment” in your music teaching without interrupting the sequence of your daily lessons.

  • Establish an effective, exciting after-school ensemble that fosters community and music literacy.

  • Connect with other music teachers at a heart level to ensure that you have the emotional and professional support that you need.


What past participants say about the MasterClass:

“I loved every minute of the MasterClass course. I found it enriching, engaging, and entertaining. My biggest takeaway from the course was learning about my values, boundaries, and what self care means to me. Those three areas were things I desperately needed at that moment in time, and I had no idea where to begin. Susie gave us assignments to really dig deep and refect on ourselves and our needs, and I’ve not done that before as an educator. it’s something I’m going to continue to do throughout the year until my retirement. This program is perfect for when you have challenges inside and outside your classroom, and you need unbiased advice from educators who aren’t on your campus or in your district.” —J.A. (Houston, TX)

The fine print (aka Course logistics):

  • MasterClass meets as a ONLINE course. Participants join in a Zoom online video call. Course materials are made available via a Google Drive folder.

  • Two Courses remain for the Fall 2019 semester:

TUESDAYS: October 15, 22, 29, November 5, 12, 19 (SIX Sessions - $139)

SUNDAYS: October 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17 (FIVE Sessions - $129)

  • Course price includes a complimentary 1-hour private coaching session via Zoom online video call (to be scheduled after the first group session).

  • Each group is limited to 8 people to ensure personal attention to your personal growth and support.

Your MasterClass Facilitator

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Susie Fergus has taught in general music and choral settings for all ages, elementary through adults, for over 17 years. Currently she is the Choral Director at All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, Texas. In the summers she serves on the faculty with the Southeast Texas Kodály Levels Training hosted by Klein and Aldine ISDs in Houston.

MasterClass was born out of Susie’s deep desire to support and serve music educators who long for a sustainable, satisfying career that is in balance with a healthy, heart-filled personal life. During her years of teaching music in classroom and ensemble settings, Susie also facilitated workshops for personal empowerment and lifestyle change that helped participants create passion and purpose in their lives. This work impacted her own career as a music educator, both in the climate of the classroom and in the ways that she found balance as a parent, friend, musician, and wholehearted woman. Her passion is to support music educators in their pursuit of empowerment in their own classroom, campus, and school district. An empowered teacher is a better team player, a passion-driven educator, and a healthy family and community member.

Susie is the mother of 4 grown sons, all of whom were subjected to her growing song collection, countless lessons and recitals, and a never-ending stream of choir rehearsals throughout their own schooling.

How to Apply

Next course begins October 20, 2019!

Teachers interested in enrolling in MasterClass: Teaching for Life are invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone or video call with Susie Fergus to discuss your goals for participation in the course. Class size is limited to 8 teachers so that there is ample opportunity for participants to interact with each other in a group coaching environment. Zoom online meetings is a FREE app that you can access through your phone, tablet, or desktop.

When you click the “Apply Now” button, you will be directed to an opportunity to set your complimentary appointment and make arrangements to join the course(s) of your choice.